Tournament Prep
     Multiple Team Registration Issues


User questions about 2nd teams

The majority of players who register for multiple teams at a tournament do not run into issues. They get to Step 1, check the boxes they need for each team ID/name and then get to Step 2 which is to send a payment to PayPal for the number of teams playing for. 

However, some players run into the following problems...  

  1. Roster data changes AFTER their initial registration.

  2. User 'forgets' to check a team box.

  3. A roster enters our system late (after the initial opening of registration) and in the meantime the user registers for another team that is inside the database.

  4. A player hasn't decided if playing for team Y and skips it. Later, the player decides that they will play for team Y. 

When this occurs, users ask us how they register for a 2nd team and this becomes a "worrying" issue because a label will now exist next to their name that says 'not playing' or 'unregistered.'   The HOME/Registration button is now GREY and they cannot go back into the registration area. 

Naturally the captain and the player are worried that this will stop them from using the app OR from playing in the tournament for the 2nd team. This is NOT the case. Please read on. 

Ignore the Label (MyTennis / Tournaments)

If a player is shown as not playing or unregistered, this does NOT stop that player from using the rest of the app including being part of a lineup. So captains and players should fully ignore that label when this situation arises for player X.  Captains should also COUNT that player as registered if racing to meet the "minimum number" deadline.


To repeat, the player will be able to use the full set of features in the app for that team and captains can still include them inside a lineup. 

Support Ticket and PayPal

If you are speaking to support (and hence got this URL), then that support ticket becomes your 'proof' of registration for the 2nd team. Our support team will give you the direct link to PayPal and you can complete Step 2 (payment). 

NC Tennis (Dani+Nick) are also aware that DMP is taking this step and we are both managing a list of players who fall into this type of catch-22 in our app. Players still need to pay for the # of teams playing for at states. To reiterate, having a support ticket and paying the fee fulfills the registration for that 2nd team. 

Will this be fixed ?

Short answer is YES.  It will be fixed before the end of this year. The main reason it is an issue today is due to prioritization of product features in the current queue. Changing the label requires us to change various parts of our tracking and the underlying data model. This work is being superseded by much higher priority features inside the app. 

Tennislink and the USTA App

Both of these platforms are 100% separate to DMP. DMP gets an ingest of roster data from Tennislink when we setup a tournament. Beyond that step, the systems are not connected whatsoever. Some players ask about seeing information inside Tennislink and ask add'l queries about discrepancies between the two.  Additionally, USTA support will not be able to assist in anything related to DMP.