What will be used  / 5 key areas

  1. schedules

  2. lineups

  3. court assignments

  4. scoring

  5. chat room


when schedule is released, ask captains+co to create first lineups and come with questions

maybe email support grabs :-)

march april test teams

do avails and scoring

submit doubles and singles matches

could make it fun play player X, Y, Z

videos on the process of court assignment

video for site co-ordinators

General Videos

What is DMP  [2 minute video]
Scoreboard  [2 minute video]
Availability  [2 minute video]
Team Chat  [2 minute video]
How do lineups work  [3 minute video]

Install and Registration [PDF]

Tournament Scoring [PDF]

Confirming Scores (captain) [PDF]

For questions about the tournament contact: dani@nctennis.com 

If you need support on the app, please email