Frequently Asked Questions

What is DoubleMatchPoint ?

DMP is a tennis communications platform. Whether you are an organizer or a player or both!

Who is behind DoubleMatchPoint ?

Two veterans from the digital media and internet technology space with assistance from a motley crew of trusted contractors. Over 45 years of combined experience working with major global brands since the first dotcom bust in the early 2000s. Our experience is a cross section of adtech, martech, sales, operations, engineering, computer science research and product development.

Why are we building this platform ?

We believe that the current set of technologies for the amateur local tennis player is severely lacking. This is true globally. At the same time, organizers are locked into archaic processes and technology platforms from the early 2000s. Our goal is to bring market-leading communication tools to both player and organizer. Where this might lead us is a work in progress , but we hope you join us on the adventure. Less time organizing, more time playing.

Can you give an example ?

Yes. At a recent team tennis event .... over 1,000 players , 107 teams, 238 lineups exchanged, 714 distinct matches over 4 days with 30+ volunteers running 6 different tennis facilities. Players and organizers were put placed into 1 digital platform for communicating. A mobile app front-end and control center back-end. 714 matches played is larger than the US Open and French Open combined in terms of total matches played. Preparation for the event included an online training portal and a few Zoom calls. An end-to-end process that was once paper + manual steps .... was digitized with a success rate of 99% ( 708 / 714 matches ) .