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Neuse River

Regular Season Alpha ( 10 mins )

Below is a short recap of how to use the app for regular season.


Availability | VIDEO

DMP allows players to set their own availability per match in real-time.  Please review above video to understand the basics. 

Lineups | VIDEO

Captains are able to create lineups and share them inside the app. It is recommended to use this functionality for all matches so your players are informed. 

Digital lineup exchanges are NOT available HOWEVER, captains should submit the lineup into the vault 1 hour before match play.

If you do this step, when your players hit the RED DOT, the line entry (and for doubles...  your partner) is auto-selected based on what you submitted into the vault.  All a player needs to do is select your opponent(s) then record your score. 

Scoring | VIDEO*** 

***when watching, replace green dot with red and ignore tournament related info

At the end of the match, 1 player on the court should go into the app, hit the RED DOT for the appropriate match and record the score.  This way all scores come into the system and your captain has them right away. 


To look at scores, go to MY TENNIS / TEAM SCORES , then open the match required to see all the scoring.

Pulling down with your finger will re-fresh the scores on the TEAM SCORES tab.  FYI.


Tennislink has no direct connection capability for 3rd party apps. So captains will still need to manually enter the scores after the matches are complete.  The easiest way to do this is to have TEAM SCORES open while you enter the scores into Tennislink. 

We are speaking to USTA about their new systems allowing this in the future. 

League Table

DMP doesn't have flight tables yet. Tennislink will need to be the reference for this information. 

DMP Chat Rooms

Just use it as you need to !   :-)



Inside the app, on the HOME screen,  is a button to email support as needed. 


We are developing our version 2 right now.  It will be released in beta during the summer of 2022.  Please feel free to email support with feedback on product features you'd like to see. 

Score Confirmation

Captains don't really need to do this. It is for tournaments more than regular season.  V2 of DMP will re-enable this for better comms between teams and the league organizers. 

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