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New feature list, Feb 17, 2024

Updated: Feb 16

DMP has a significant release coming to the app stores.

Below is the short list of new features in order of importance.

  1. SMS and Phone. Users can now tap to PHONE or tap to SMS a contact. This is available from the GEAR ICON when inside a CHAT ROOM. (group or 1-2-1)

  2. Welcome screen. New users now see a welcome screen to help onboard their understanding of the app.

  3. Sign-up / Sign-in version 2.   The 3 screens you see when you sign-in or sign-up have been upgraded to be more intuitive and less of a word-salad.

  4. NON-Sort for Broadcast rooms. Those rooms are always on the top of the list when inside an ORG area.

  5. Orange Icon for Broadcast rooms. To stand out more in the listings.

  6. Group Creation button. Now says + NEW CHAT instead of just a PLUS BUTTON.

Our engineering team will be switching to some backend requirements for concierge rooms for the next 2 weeks.

After that is complete, we'll be full steam ahead with pictures, calendar and availability. Those are the priorities. More to come!

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