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Social connections enabled in the next version

What is a social connection? It means you're no longer limited to just what is in your address book. For example, if you're in a group and there are people listed who have never been in your address book, you can now connect to them directly.

  • No more chasing down the person

  • No more asking the person for their phone number manually ( great from a privacy POV! )

  • No more 6+ steps of adding to your contacts, making a new 1-2-1

  • etc etc

Now you just go to the group, find the name, tap the icon.

Here is a grab of the coming UX.


Social connections is also part of GROUP SETUP.

So instantly, your 'address book' inside DMP is now inclusive of any members in your groups who are NOT in your contact list.

That is a big step up in expanding your circle of people you play with.

We've also done some cosmetic work on the GROUP SETTINGS screen.

Hope you like it !

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