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Tournament Prep
     Co caps, spys and defectors


Why does DMP need this information?

Co-captains are required so that at least 2 people at a tournament can create lineups and submit to the exchange vaults. "Spy" identification is optional but has been requested in the past. "Defectors" cannot be allowed inside the roster data due to the conflict it creates in the app logic. 


A defector is someone who played for your team in regular season, but at the state tournament has decided to play for another team in your flight bracket. DMP also runs a script to identify these players. The rationale is to disallow these players from being in your team chat rooms AND seeing your lineup ahead of time. 

A spy is someone on your roster but NOT playing for your team at the tournament event. You don't trust the spy not to tell an opposing team your chat room discussions AND/OR your lineup ahead of time. We will keep your spy identification confidential and the app does not show a label next to anyones name.  

Both spies and defectors are removed from team rosters ahead of the tournament. 

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