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Our first version of the app that includes pictures, stickers and videos is now live. The platform currently allows for a 15meg max file-size.

We are working on 'preview' versions of the files so the experience is faster than it is today.

This version will be out by the end of the week.

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Updated: Jun 9

Below is the list of the things we’ve improved with the version coming out this week.

Enjoy 😉

  • Zio library update. This is a core backend library that we’ve updated bringing new performance upgrades to our queries via the API. GraphQL and Caliban are affected by this change.

  • Icons. New icons are now present in the app. Admin, group chat and icon shading are all edited to be more visible.

  • Filter background. Edited the color to for better visibility on light mode.

  • Wifi/data error screen. If the app tries to connect and cannot find an active data connection (wifi or mobile data) then the screen shown to users says same. The backend will also try 3 times to reconnect before asking the user to try again later.

  • Phone number share. The screen, toggle controls and badges have been edited for better UX. We are also removing the “constant badge” if the user has NOT shared their phone number within groups. You can see these new screens under the PROFILE area under PHONE NUMBER SHARE.

Some grabs of our new screens are below.

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We went live with a full cache system for the first time in our history. Caching data is always a sound strategy when done correctly.

Short story is that the app will come back with the data X times faster than in the past.

A faster app is always welcome by our users :-)

We also discovered and fixed a few bugs that cropped up during quality assurance.

More detail to come.....

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